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Car servicing

The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten.

We enhance the manufacturer's servicing requirements considerably, and make no apology for our motor servicing prices. We believe our car servicing represents excellent value for money.

In October 2003 European legislation affecting the motor trade came into force. It's full title is 'Block Exemption Regulations 1400/2002' (in short 'BER'). This legislation changed the way that cars may be serviced and repaired and gives motorists a lot more freedom in their decision as to who should look after their cars.

Motorists may now use any garage of their choice to service their cars without invalidating the manufacturer's warranty, subject to the following conditions: the service must be in accordance with the car companies' servicing schedules and recorded as such. The parts used must be of appropriate quality and recorded as such.

Servicing prices

Scheduled servicing from £210.00

Air conditioning and climate control recharge from £95.00.

Oil and filter change from £110.00.

All prices exclude VAT.

You can book a car service today. Telephone 01780 762196, or if you prefer you can book online or email us for further details.